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Half Acre:

a seasonally inspired, local restaurant

On December 1st, 2023, we suffered a total loss as part of a multi-structure fire in our home of Stamford, NY. Please visit our fundraising page to learn about our upcoming pop-up dinner series. 

Half Acre serves seasonal fare celebrating the heritage of the Catskills from the restaurant's iconic location. Our chefs have more than 12 years in the culinary industry, specializing in “slow food.”  Our menu features Cajun, French and American comfort food, as well as vegan cuisine. We work closely with the farmers of the Catskills to highlight the bounty of flavors the region has to offer. 


Half Acre is housed in a storefront on historic Main Street. Built in 1888 as a local grocery and drug store, it features design elements attributed to the industrious George Gibbs– a former politician and entrepreneur famed for also having a hand in the architectural construction of the Rexmere Hotel and Churchill Cottages, among others. The name “Half Acre” makes reference to the extensive agricultural activities in this part of the Catskills, as well as the history of the town of Stamford– formerly a tavern-laden turnpike where wagons hauling goods and sometimes passengers would travel through – according to  W.W. Munsell’s description in his volume “The History of Delaware County 1797-1880," [t]hat was the 'heyday' of Stamford, and so unscrupulous did the tavern and storekeepers of that day become that the place had acquired the name and no doubt justly, too, of the 'Devil's half-acre.'"


With an emphasis on a sustainable and locally farmed menu, we are excited to add a new chapter to this vibrant community. Half Acre is located at 60 Main Street in Stamford NY. 

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